Everything is good.

One of the most fascinating and frustrating things of being a human creature, is our innocent and sometimes very subtle arrogance. We always seem to know when and how stuff should happen, what it means, if it’s good or bad, and if we’re on schedule or rather way behind.

It’s a very common thing to do, this constant analyzing and comparing with our (unconscious) blueprint of life, this checking against the many scenarios that float around in our mind.

But at the same time it doesn’t make sense at all.

Seeing through this tendency deeper and deeper, has made my life tremendously more playful and joyful.

I used to make up that 5 shitty coaching sessions meant that I was forever lost and totally off track, and when I reached out on social media with a great offer and nobody responded, my career was over.

I made up that I had to be ‘successful’ within a year/two years/three years (it changed along the way, but it looked still very real and important).

I made up how much people would have to be impacted by me, how much I had to earn in a specific amount of time (which didn’t happen, of course, and freaked me out), that I had to like everybody on the planet (because we are all one, one love, you know what I mean), and that life would have to unfold exactly the way I planned.

I made up that I had to know exactly what I wanted from life all the time, and then had to get it no matter what.

I made up SO many rules and goals and amounts and results and shoulds, that there was no way on earth that I could ever be satisfied or fulfilled.

And I just didn’t realize what was going on, why I felt so miserable and insecure and unsatisfied most of the time.

I didn’t see that it was my conditioned mind that came up with the projections and the predictions, and made them into a solid and very harsh truth. I didn’t understand that all the pain and self-criticism and feelings of inadequacy, were only caused by not aligning with reality, with higher Self.

Life is unfolding, period. That’s the only thing we can be sure of. And sometimes it does -kinda- what we want and hoped for, and many times it doesn’t.

This doesn’t mean that we failed, that we’re fucked, that it’s time to cut our losses and slide back into anonymity and smallness. It’s got NOTHING to do with who we are.

It just means our predictions and expectations suck.

Create all the plans in the world if they excite you and if you like to play around with them, but don’t get attached to the outcome too much. It’s just not helpful.

There are no rules, so play like there’s no tomorrow.

Everything is good.





Love is waiting.

Love is waiting.