What about patience?

sep 26, 2019 | Awakening, English, Insights, Purpose and Meaning, Relationships, Spirituality

Patience is the miracle trait with lousy PR.

It’s extremely unsexy, but I’m dead serious.

If there’s one thing you should cultivate, it’s ‘the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, problems, or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious’.

Patience means letting go of your (secret) agenda, your personal blueprint or timetable of future happenings, and be prepared to let life take all the time in the universe.

Because it will, and it will almost never be according to your plans.

Patience builds new worlds, it really does.

There’s proof!

I showed patience when I learned to be a copywriter, and had no trouble investing decades of my life into mastering the art of commercial writing.

Patience kept me going after I quit drinking completely (and smoking, and using drugs, and blaming the world for my misery, and professional victimhood, and eating 5,000-calorie pizzas).

And right now, while letting life show me how to be a first class coach, I take it one step at a time.

It is the backbone of everything worthwhile in life.

Relationships, professional skills, writing books, cultivating a bonsai tree, earning a black belt in whatever, becoming a Supercoach or the best shoeshine polisher in history.

But here’s the bad news:

To learn how to be patient… you have to be patient.

There’s no shortcut.

Patience builds patience.

The good news?

You only need a small bit.

A teeny-tiny bit of patience is like the little snowball at the top of the mountain.

Let it roll.

Let it grow.

There you go!