A world without words.

nov 30, 2019 | Awakening, English, Insights, Personal, Spirituality

There’s a fat pigeon sitting in a tree behind my house.
It’s probably unaware of being a bird, or full-figured.
I tend to believe that animals don’t use concepts and descriptions.
Sounds obvious, but the implications are strong.
What would a world without words look like?
What would you see if you didn’t have a name for what you are looking at?
How can you experience life if you don’t even realize that you are living it?
I think about these things.
When I look at the cats that live with me, curled up on the coach, stretching, yawning, then going back to sleep, I sometimes feel a little envy.
They are so utterly free of responsibility and worry and things like contemplating a scary future or a painful past.
But the only way to truly appreciate that would be if you have a direct experience with the workings of the human mind.
You need the concepts, the constructs, the thinking.
The contrast.
Holidays feel better after hard work.
Sleeping in is amazing because of the early mornings you weren’t allowed to.
A steady week is so much more profound after a month of sadness and worry.
How does a cat feel about its life?
Well, let’s ask him after he grabbed the fat pigeon.

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