Keep on moving.

I never know where a post will go.
The only thing I’m sure of, is that I have to get started.
The rest will take care of itself.
Like these words you’re reading right now: I only had the first sentence coming to mind, no direction whatsoever, and while writing I am already at number four.
It’s such a great example of how life shows you the next step if you’re willing to take the one before that.
Just move and keep moving right into the mist, and just before you think you’ll fall into the abyss, there will be a new place to stand on.
Out of nowhere.
The last two months were kinda crazy for me.
I was hit by a -very familiar- truck full of doubts.
Doubts about clients, about my ability to work with people and help change their lives, doubts about being a good friend and doubts about the future in general, and of course doubts about the money-money-money I have to earn to keep this little life of mine afloat.
But you know what?
Despair works wonders.
At least that’s my experience.
It gets me on my knees, and from that position I start to look up to the dark sky again.
Oh, hey stars!
In the end it makes me listen, in silence, really listen.
It breaks me only to make me susceptible for the soft voice of life that whispers new directions.
So it was the same like many times before, yet very different.
There was less panic, less despair and less inclination to force things to get away from the unknown.
The whole colorful circus of creatively complicated thinking with all the familiar acts was in town again, but it was more like a happening within me, than a me within the happening.
You know what I mean?
The same internal chemical warfare, yet within a more peaceful surrounding.
And this finally pushed me into a whole new level of wonderful peace and stillness, of trust, and awe, and inspiration, and wonder.
Like before, this period, filled with scary smoke, turned out to culminate in a shift in consciousness, where old crap is thrown out of the window, and amazing new stuff has gently entered my life.
It’s like I need to be distracted for a period of time with stuff that is obviously scary to me, while the universe is secretly cooking up a new delicious plan, so I can’t mess it up.
In my hours of worrisome distraction, I had no clue where to go, but behind the scenes the road was beautifully and solidly paved.
And the mist has vanished, at least for now.
You’ve probably heard all of this before, sorry for that.
But this is where the post wanted to go.