Advice for the spiritual traveler.

dec 28, 2019 | Awakening, English, Insights, Personal, Spirituality

Do NOT follow your thoughts.

Just stay here.

Thoughts are only trying to seduce you into leaving what’s so blatantly obvious.

They create all the distraction and the pain and then trick you into following them for the solution.

They promise to guide you to the place of love and contentment.

Thoughts are like sirens that sing to the weary spiritual traveler.

‘Follow us and we will bring you peace!’

‘Entertain us and we will help you reach the next level!’

‘Chew on me and my sweet sounding friends and we will show you who you are!’

They are so clever, so enticing.

And SO full of shit.

Because no thought can bring you to where you already are.

There’s no use searching for what was never lost in the first place.

It ís actually very simple.

Stay here, stay silent and empty and curious and relaxed, and smile at all the clever attempts to take you away from this moment.

‘Yeah but…’

‘Sure, of course, great, just one more video…’

‘But how about responsibility, and goals, and the future!’

Let the sirens sing, just don’t listen.

Let them be, let it pass.

There you go:

This is home.