All is one.

I know you’ve probably heard it before, but maybe you didn’t.

Not REALLY, at least.

So here we go again:

There’s no such thing as fundamental separation.

It’s a simple fact.

There’s only experience as a whole, there’s only richness, there’s only life happening, there’s only totality, and, yes, sure, part of that is the ‘idea’ that it’s not like that.

Part of the illusion is that there are true distinctions and borders and distances.

Here vs there, new vs old, far vs close, you vs me, good vs bad, this vs that.

Very convincing stuff!

There’s the bird that sings in the tree.

The cloud in the sky.

The sweet taste of a strawberry.

A jolt of pain.

And a wave in the ocean.

All separate things, right?


All part of ONE, endless, dynamic experience.

Nothing can ever be outside of or apart from anything else.

There’s no separation, only in the way we describe our world, only when we start to come up with labels.

Labeling means cutting the natural wholeness up in convenient mental chunks, and that works fine for communication purposes and storytelling and all that.

But it’s still one, all of it (which means there isn’t actually all of it).

The bird could never sing outside of our awareness, outside of the tree it’s sitting in, outside the forest it’s birding in, outside whatever is seems to be going on right now.

It’s not a single, isolated experience happening outside the rest of what’s going on.

The singing is part of the whole, and since there is nothing BUT the whole, the singing is the whole itself.

Everything is the bird and the cloud and the taste of the strawberry.

The wave IS the ocean.

We just divide it mentally.

Whatever catches our attention, will seem different and separated from the rest.

But it’s not, not really.

There’s no true separation.

Simply impossible, yet utterly convincing.

We can have fun living the illusion.

So let’s do that, let’s just pretend there’s you and me, and fall in love.

And become one again.

Wasting time.

Wasting time.