Dear universe,

Today you showed me -again- what happens when I don’t interfere or try to get in your way with my anxious made-up timelines and shitty projections.


No: really.

The crazy loving scenario that unfolded in the morning, the pieces of the puzzle that showed up before I even knew what the puzzle looked like, the heartbreaking mail conversation I had with the woman with the deceased son, and the spontaneous sharing of that with my stressed out client.

How everything connected, clicked.

I just knew what to do.

I just knew.

These hunches, these friendly little nudges, I mean: how do you pull it off?!

How do you keep track?

(And why don’t you hate me for trying to take over the steering wheel again and again?)

Oh, and the hotel room I booked on the wrong date, that I wanted to change but I still have to pay for because of some fucked up rigid policy, which totally pissed me off?

Just another one of your tricks!

Because I suddenly saw how perfectly convenient and way more relaxed it actually is if I just change my schedule a bit.

And of course you knew.

These things, these everyday miracles.

They are everywhere.

Sometimes subtle, like whispers on a cold winter’s night.

Sometimes so blatantly BIG.

Today was big.

The day that didn’t look the way it turned out to be when I woke up this morning.

How amazing to realize, AGAIN, that I don’t have to know a single thing because it’s not up to me, this life stuff, and all I have to do is just step on the magic carpet when it stops in front of me.

I don’t see it all, all the time.

In fact: I miss it most of the time.

This crazy perfection, this ridiculously swiss watch accuracy in the unfolding of everything.

But today I saw.

Thanks for showing me.


Coming home.

Coming home.