Listening to the feelings.

How much can you feel?

Well: always more.

Ever since my connection with Love or Mind or Whateveryouwanttocallit became more direct and more intense, things changed in my life.

There are big things, and small things (although even the smaller things are quite big, actually).

One of those big things is a new and powerful awareness of feelings.

A deeper sense of knowing that is not intellectual but very natural, direct, really subtle, and indisputable.

I’ve come to recognize feelings that guide me, feelings that tell me ‘yes, this is it’, feelings of total obviousness.

Feelings that speak to me, and I can hear them from within.

I don’t walk around trying to deliberately feel my way through life, but the signs and hints are everywhere.

And it’s not just that I recognize and read these feelings better than ever before: many times they give me an alertness that makes it possible to act on it.

I can change the course of emotions, divert fears, detonate anger.

If I want to.

By simply being acutely aware of the freshly sown seeds of emotional or mental processes, I can either go with them or not.

Not always, not perfectly, but many times, just like that, because ‘I’ catch them before they’ve turned into storms and tornadoes.

It’s not a skill I’ve been waiting for all my life: it’s just something that has evolved over the last years.

Slowly, silently, authentically.

A gentle, caring fever.

Curiosity brings clarity, and all kinds of free goodies come along with it.

It’s like I’m more and more tuned in to the universe, listening better, feeling deeper, being more and more conscious of the flowing energy behind it all, while I damn well know it’s not a personal accomplishment.

Opening up to life is the gift that keeps on giving.

And, yes, it’s all in the feeling.


Space for that.

Space for that.

Dear universe,

Dear universe,