The ultimate cure for human suffering.

It’s both fucked up and funny.

The 3 Principles or Inside-Out understanding is probably the most powerful realization in the world.

I’ve never heard of people visiting their psychologist or psychiatrist and see their lives change completely in a single session.


But when being exposed to this understanding, that’s totally possible.

It can (and eventually will) change us in a fundamental way, permanently and playfully, and that’s a million times stronger than all the other therapies and modalities that I know of combined.

I’ve met people who were stuck in therapy for ten years or more.

I’ve seen addicts who were off alcohol for fifteen years, but still feel crushed by thinking about their old buddy.

I’ve talked to patients after EMDR, and some of them were really positive, and others hated it.

I’ve been exposed to ACT and CBT and psychotherapy and hypnotherapy, and none of those ways to treat people comes close to the effect of connecting to the inner wisdom of life, the flow behind everything.

I’ve tried antidepressants that kept me from feeling lower than low (although they resulted in a pretty mediocre life), but I also swallowed pills that made me nothing but extremely nervous and itchy.

The 3P’s don’t have side-effects (apart from the cool ones) and can be helpful for every person in the world that lives in their own thinking.

Which is everybody.

You don’t have to believe in it and you don’t have to work hard on ‘getting’ it.

The ultimate cure for human suffering is probably the most straightforward realization possible, and that is also the problem.

‘No Marnix, this sounds WAY too simple, I mean: come on!’

Because our lives seem so painfully complicated, we expect the solution to be the same.

A big mistake, a huge fallacy.

And the other problem with explaining this understanding is that most people immediately start to compare it with everything that has been tried and embraced before, which makes it harder to really hear and feel what we talk about.

People think they kinda know what it’s about.

Something like positive thinking, or mindfulness.

It doesn’t sound like it’s very different from what’s already out there.

The wonderful and utterly frustrating paradox is that (almost?) every person on this planet can change profoundly by experiencing this paradigm, yet many people will dismiss it at first sight.

Experiences are against it.

Too simple, too spiritual, too much like something else, not medical.

But this blog is not supposed to make you feel disillusioned.

It’s about coming from a different place.

It’s about living your life from a deep trust in and love for this understanding.

Because that and only that will start to change the world around you.

You don’t have to convince people: you just have to live it, totally.

And then, all of a sudden and out of nowhere, doors and ears and hearts will open.

It’s THAT powerful.

And it will totally have your back.



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