The power of settling down.

You can always wait.

Ride it out.
Let it pass.
Watch it come and go, wait for sanity.
This morning I got terribly frustrated with someone who owes me money.
‘Let’s talk about it and find a solution’, he mailed.
‘The solution is you giving me the fucking money!’, I replied.
In my mind.
Not for real.
Because I’ve become very familiar with and sensitive to all the ugly and dangerous veils that emotions can pull over our hearts and minds, and I’ve learned to take a step back from poisonous behavior and dangerous conditioning.
There used to be this belief (well, it actually wasn’t a belief: it was the truth, for sure) that everything I felt was an indication of my relationship with the world around me.
Whatever I felt meant something important.
My emotions and feelings were there to be explored, acted upon, listened to, indulged in.
Taken mighty seriously, and then some.
That’s what they taught us, it’s what we all do, the normal way.
It’s what we do, until we don’t, until we start seeing what’s beyond that.
Realizing the impersonality of all our experiences has opened up a new world of freedom, a whole new galaxy of galaxies with planets called Love, Patience, Empathy and Joy.
I was chained by reactiveness, a slave to my emotions.
Until I wasn’t.
So here’s my simple advice: wait, if you can.
You don’t HAVE to, but it can become your new superpower.
Wait a bit.
Ride it out.
Let is pass.
Let the troubled mind settle down.
It will change your life, and your emails.
‘Yes, sure, let’s talk about it, buddy, let’s fix this together.’

It does.

It does.

Geen paniek!

Geen paniek!