Stop trying to build an audience

I like appreciation.

I like it when people tell me they dig my stuff.

Man, do I fancy likes and retweets and hearts and smiling emoji’s and long emotional emails from people who tell me I changed their lives.

I love it, all of it.

Makes me glow inside (is that a very outside-in thing?).

But if it was the only reason for me to do what I do, I would have quit at least a million-and-one times already, and be just one of the billion unheard voices of the planet.

You can’t keep putting out your stuff just because of other people and their positive responses.

It can’t be about them.

If you think 20 blogs without a single response is painful and difficult and unfair, you’re simply not cut out for it.

If you feel 30 personal videos that hardly anybody watched hits the limits of your enthusiasm and inspiration and pride, stop it.

There’s no fixed linear gratification system in this game, where every piece you put out there, and every time you share your heart, will lead to more applause.

And more.

And more.

You see, people are busy little bees, and the thing they’re most busy with is themselves.

And they don’t have an obligation to you and your creations.

If you wanna build an audience, forget about building an audience, because it’s a messy, dirty business and it will frustrate the fuck out of you.

Do it because you have found this place in you that drives you to do it.

Do it for the act of creating.

Do it because you want to, because you NEED to.

You’re still not guaranteed any success and a big lucrative audience, but at least you’ll feel the delicious buzz of making shit and at least you’ll have fun.

And when this stuff comes straight from your soul and people feel that, you WILL have fans for life.

Now thát’s what I call living.

All is one.

All is one.