The Power of Waiting.

And then wait some more.
A little more.
And just a tiny bit more.
Yes, like that.
Wait until you can’t wait any longer.
And then wait some more.
Don’t give in, not yet.
Wait, wait, wait.
Get quiet.
Listen to the sound of your impatient stories.
Feel the thunder building up.
There will be inclinations and impulses, urges and compulsions.
There will be plans and tips and ideas and suggestions.
Stuff to do, things to win, miles to travel, mountains to climb.
It will be uncomfortable and painful and boring and unbearable.
But no matter what: just wait some more.
One more second.
Five minutes.
Half an hour.
Maybe just today.
Let it grow and growl and explode inside of you, just watch it all come and go.
Acknowledge the itch, welcome it, cherish it or hate it; just don’t scratch.
You WILL feel the need for action, to do your well-programmed doing, and desperately search for some solace, something.
But what if you don’t?
What’s behind that?
What if you wait and keep still and wait some more?
Suns will rise, stars will fall, birds will fly, rivers will run.
Viruses will virus.
The world doesn’t really need you.
But you can add to it.
Just wait.
And you’ll see.



Coming home.

Coming home.