It’s not about knowledge.

We always make the same mistake.

There’s this huge and widespread misconception that knowing something will change our feelings about it, or our behavior.

If we only knew which childhood event caused our adult anxiety, we could start living without fear.

If we only knew how to come across as a confident person, we’d BE that person.

If we only knew why we smoke… we could finally give up the fags.

Or if we only knew what Steve Jobs did or didn’t do, we could be filthy rich and creative.

We deeply believe that our intellect will be the key to freedom and success and fortune and happiness.

Well guess who (or what) claims all of that?


Time and time again I talk to people who are totally lost in this idea of ‘information is power’, people who are utterly frustrated that it doesn’t seem to change anything for them.

And it’s not just the mainstream self-help crap I’m talking about, but also non-duality and Taoism and the inside-out understanding and all the other ways that the essence of wisdom is being spread and talked about.

‘I KNOW how this works, it makes sense, I understand it, I’ve read hundreds of books about it, so how come I STILL feel like shit!’

‘Why don’t I get it?!’

Well, here’s the thing: ‘getting it’ is not the same as being able to reproduce it or use it in a nicely crafted Facebook-comment.

It’s not the same as hoarding facts and figures.

It’s only when the intellect shuts the fuck up for a moment, when the personal story we so deeply connect with quiets down a bit, that we can have an embodied experience of what all spiritual teachings point to.

It’s when we drop out of the fixation on our minds that we suddenly and immediately know what we’ve been looking for all the time.

The staggering simplicity of presence.

But don’t try to understand that.



(Photo by @impatrickt, for Unsplash)

The one life.

The one life.