Space for that.

You don’t HAVE to feel good.

Nor do you need to.

Life has space for that.

Space for not knowing, for doubts, for fear, for thinking that every day for the rest of your life will be as dark and bad as this one.

Life is okay with that, it’s okay with you.

Now of course it feels good to feel good.

So it’s totally understandable that we prefer that.

It makes sense that you want more of that, especially when you’ve had so little.

But you don’t HAVE to feel good.

And you don’t need to.

Not right now, not always.

The tears and frustration and bitterness have a place in your life (well, they’re there, so they must have, right?), so why don’t you let them occupy it without wanting to chase it all away?


You don’t HAVE to feel good.

Feel whatever you feel.

It’s good, for now.



(Photo by @zohre_nemati, for Unsplash)