I call it the Frozen Future Syndrome.
Many people suffer from it.
It’s when we fear a certain outcome and get innocently lost in the devastating idea that it will always stay like that.
Or when we’re thinking about something, can’t grasp the implications of the process, and experience the total dread of that incompetence.
We don’t do it on purpose or even consciously: it just happens.
We might have it when we want to write a book but the mere idea of how many hours it will take undermines all the inspiration.
When somebody we love suddenly leaves us and we know for sure that we will feel sad for the rest of our lives.
When we fear going bankrupt, and we simply don’t see that there’s a whole life after that, with billions of lessons and opportunities.
It’s when we haven’t got a clue about the consequences of a certain situation or event, that our mind gets stuck in a specific scene.
We can’t see the steps that will be taken, the solutions that will arise, the answers we will find along the way.
The only thing we see is:
The Frozen Future.
Lovesick, forever.
Bankrupt, forever.
Fighting our cravings, forever.
Studying the piano or writing that damn book, forever.
Being stuck in this particular mood, forever.
And our minds don’t really like this kind of eternity.
Although it’s all made-up in the now, and all ever changing.
So don’t forget: we never know.
And that’s what makes life pretty awesome.
(Photo by @noaa, for Unsplash)

Ik houd van jou.

Ik houd van jou.

Keep on moving.

Keep on moving.