Hello my friend.

Hello my friend.

How are you today?

Did you get up this morning with a jolt of expectation, a glimmer of hope?

Or did you open your eyes only to realize that life is knocking impatiently on your door again, and you’d rather keep it closed?

Did you watch a kid play in the garden, led by invisible strings of joy?

And how did that feel: beautiful?


Did you taste a slice of bread and a sip of hot tea?

Did you argue with your partner, worry about tomorrow or kiss a frog, or did you rest your tired face against the cold glass of a window for some relief?

Did you see the sun, shining through the clouds like a message from God or the universe?

And what did you do when the stranger on the street smiled at you?

I am not steering you to a grand conclusion here, I’m not trying to let you do anything, pick you up and rub your face in the unseen awesomeness of life.

This is a day, a day in our lives, and we have quite a few of them, and everything that happens is as wrong or right as you perceive it to be.

This is a blog, just a little blog, and there are millions and millions of them.

And I was thinking about you, just now.

I have no idea how you feel or where you’re going, but I’d like to know.

So here’s me, smiling at you.

Here are my arms, wide open.

Hello my friend.



(Photo by @anniespratt, for Unsplash)

What is true?

What is true?