Life is not an exam.

Should you take life seriously?

Should you make the most out of every moment?

Should you be happy, no matter what?

Or should you BE no matter what, happy or not?

Should you wish for bad times in order to appreciate the good ones?

Should you care about yourself first?

Should you turn the other cheek, dance as if nobody’s watching, fight for peace and justice, or collect guns simply because you want to?

Well: who are you asking?

Find your own answers.

Because this life didn’t come with rules and goals.

So create the ones you like and feel good about, as many as you want.

Or make just one rule, which says that there are no rules.

Come up with an ambitious goal (or fifteen) and try to achieve it, or change it along the line, or forget about it, or miss it by a mile.

You won’t get grades for how you live, it’s not an exam.

You can but you don’t have to work up to a specific result, something that is out there, in the future, something that might someday be here.

Live the way you want, exactly the way you want, and either help other people out, or don’t.

Either live from your heart, or don’t.

This is the only life you can live as (or through) this particular human being, and it’s up to you what you do with it.

Or don’t.

This is your life.

This is it.



(Photo by @saltiolaphotography, for Unsplash)



Never the same.

Never the same.