Never trust the shit.

If you feel like shit, don’t look in the direction of the shit for answers.

I know, because this is what I’ve been doing most of my life, and it created countless smelly, dark and anxious days (and nights).
And so much fucking confusion.
Whenever I felt bad, I tried to find solutions in the bad soup that consisted of my tainted thinking.
I tried to struggle my way out of the crap by using crappy thoughts.
Really bad idea.
Very unhelpful and really discouraging.
Don’t do it.
Just don’t engage with the shit.
Don’t listen to the voice in the shit that tells you to use it as a starting point for answers, or a pointer that will get you to the exit, straight into freedom.
The ONLY thing that it points to and that might be truly helpful, is that you should ignore it completely and don’t listen to it.
Go the opposite way.
Shit won’t be able to tell you what to do next.
It doesn’t know anything about the future, nor is it capable of making fresh and creative decisions.
Shit is a really bad judge of circumstances, and an awful jumping board for inspired action.
And whatever gets touched by the shit, will start to smell like shit.
Leave it alone.
It’s the way to go.
(Photo by @sincerelymedia, for Unsplash)

More real.

More real.

Beautifully sad.

Beautifully sad.