Ungrateful bastards.

This is what happens sometimes:

I write blogs or poems and post them on social platforms.

I record videos and share them online.

I invite people to spend some time with me, for free.

I invest a lot of my time and energy and imagination in stuff that I just give away.

And then I get pissed off… when I don’t get ‘enough’ response.

Ungrateful bastards!

Isn’t that amazing (and a bit embarrassing, too), how we can become victims of almost everything, how we expect people to be acutely aware of our hidden agendas?

It’s like blaming someone on the other side of the world, someone you’ve never met in your life, for not remembering your birthday.

That’s not giving.

It’s doing stuff because you crave appreciation.

Now that’s not a bad thing by itself, and the well-crafted stuff and invitations you put out there don’t have to be deliciously altruistic.

Expectations aren’t evil.

But it just feels kinda shitty when they’re not met.

And it’s unnecessary.

Believe me: I used to do this all the time, setting myself up for disappointment, almost as if to prove that the world consists of people who don’t give a fuck.

Now it only happens once in a while.

Because I can give way better than I used to do.

And I see that as a pretty good deal.

(Photo by @nynnes, for Unsplash)