Scared people.

People are always right.

When I started to post on Facebook a year or two ago after having been away from the platform for many years, it didn’t take long before I used a recognizable form where every sentence starts on a new rule.
Like this.
Sentences exist and stand on their own, they have their own space, just like thoughts enter our awareness.
One after the other.
Tax form.
I’m hungry.
So… I didn’t devise it that way, it was not a conscious decision to use this particular format, but it just felt good and that was it.
Some people asked me why I didn’t write in paragraphs, in blocks of text, like almost everybody does.
They advised against it.
They told me it would be annoying to readers, or even confusing.
It was new, it was kinda weird, and they didn’t like it.
And they were right.
Just like the people who warned me about being ‘too’ honest and open.
Just like the men and women who messaged me after I wrote about my near bankruptcy, who told me that being this frank probably would mean the end of my career as a coach.
And just like the people who told me I’d better stick to advertising because I was good at that and successful and it was the safe option, instead of going for a completely new career as a coach.
They were also right, all of them.
They were right in their world and according to their rules and ideas.
They were right if it had been about them.
But it wasn’t.
This was me doing me-stuff, and it sometimes scares people.
That’s just really good to know.
(Photo by @brucebmax, for Unsplash)

Not your problem.

Not your problem.

Slow learning.

Slow learning.