Lucky to have You.

sep 10, 2020 | Awakening, Coaching, English, Insights, Personal, Spirituality

And then all of a sudden you realize:

‘People are lucky to work with me!’
You’ve been a struggling coach or therapist or change worker or whatever for years, and you have been constantly fighting for clients and this ever elusive juicy (or even just healthy) revenue stream.
You’ve played the money game (“HOW MUCH is your fee?!”) again and again and again.
You’ve seen through the idea that a NO that follows your proposal is a NO to who you are (because it isn’t).
You’ve hiked the Shit Woods more times than you care to remember.
And one day it just dawns on you:
‘I’m giving this my all, I fucking LIVE this, and I don’t really care about people who don’t appreciate that and I wish them all the best anyway.’
You no longer want to be docile or submissive or in a position of neediness.
And you also don’t feel the need to pretend you don’t care.
You simply realize that it’s a privilege for people to work with you.
Not because you’re absolutely perfect and flawless and offer a guarantee for happiness and success, but because you are you and that’s what you give them.
No holds barred.
People get the Whole You.
The You that fell on his ass a million times and got up again, the You that struggled for all these roller coaster years, the You that wasn’t afraid (or just refused to give in to the fear) to become the You it is right now.
That’s what you have to offer.
And they are incredibly lucky to have that.
(Photo by @claybanks, for Unsplash)