What can I do for you?

dec 30, 2020 | Awakening, English, Entrepreneurship, Insights, Purpose and Meaning, Spirituality

Sometimes you hear people say ‘you already have everything you need’.
Or ‘you already are what you are looking for.’
And that is true, it is, but it is also not very helpful.
It’s a bit like giving someone a karate black belt simply because she has arms and legs that can be used to perform intricate martial arts movements.
The fact that we have a capacity to be or feel or become or own something, doesn’t mean much by itself.
If you have and are everything you need but also have no fucking clue where to find it or how to use it on a daily basis, it will not help you very much.
That’s where I come in.
I have lovingly guided many people to where they truly, deeply realize that they actually DO have everything they need.
And more.
A place where loving yourself becomes easier, where living with grace becomes easier, where dealing with shit becomes easier, where things in general, well, become a whole lot easier.
And much more fun.
It’s not really about skills, or tips, or tricks, or any logical thing that sounds cool when you read about it in a blog.
It’s simply about finding and experiencing the buzzing, joyful, powerful, eternal, playful spirit that you are, and that has been cunningly overshadowed by the anxious mind.
And, yes, it has always been there.
YOU have always been there.
But if you don’t know what that means or how to connect to it, you have just found your dojo.