Stop being fooled by your mind.

We are so fucked.

One of the biggest blind spots we have as human beings (and it is truly HUGE) is the idea that circumstances create our wellbeing, our safety, and even who we are.

Now it is very, VERY easy to see that that is a big lie (just think of all the depressed millionaires and billionaires in the world, or the times when you finally got that job or new phone or relationship, only to see the feelings of joy and contentment fade away in no time), but that hardly liberates us in a profound way.

There’s hardly any impact in seeing these obvious facts.

The truth just doesn’t stick.

Our thinking mind simply doesn’t allow us to wake up to it.


Well, our uncompromised belief in what it tells us is one of its major building blocks, and keeping us in that state of total trust is one of its truly compelling qualities.

And it makes sense.

Because most of what the mind is doing, its daily job, is based on comparing, judging, projecting, predicting and measuring.

It thrives on unhappiness, because that will guarantee a steady flow of anxiety.

Satisfaction is a nuisance to the mind, it’s even dangerous, because it results in a less vigilant way of life.

The human evolution has resulted in a mental computing gadget that is always working on something, always looking around for trouble, while being totally obsessed with getting our attention.

The mind desperately needs our consciousness in order to exist.

And that makes sense too.

Thoughts can only live within our appreciation of them, within our awareness.

And the mind doesn’t want us to find out that we don’t need it as much as it has told us most of our lives.

That’s why it is so excruciatingly hard to look beyond the personal thinking mind, to step away from its creation of the world, to discard its constant (very successful) attempts to keep us fascinated with what it tells us about life.

The personal mind is absolutely convinced that we can’t live without it, that it is 100% responsible for our survival, so it learned many ways to keep us in the game.

It knows extremely well how to get and keep our attention.

Creating fearful thoughts is a powerful one.

Coming up with things to worry about (things that don’t happen most of the time, but who’s counting? Most definitely not the mind) is also a good example.

Comparing life as it is to how it should be is another compelling trick.

And because we have totally bought into the idea that we ARE our personal minds, the thinking machine that never stops, it gets away with almost everything it does.

It forces you into doing something by telling you how important it is over and over again, yet puts the blame on you when it actually turns out to be a shitty idea.

It can make you nervous about nothing, jealous on a hunch, angry out of nowhere.

It creates anxiety by simply overloading you with untested ideas, by stuffing your awareness full of frantic energy.

And here’s the big problem: the personal mind is SO cunning, that it constantly wipes out its inconsistency, its lies, its false predictions, its bullshit.

It invents the perfect circumstances to keep us trapped, jumping from one made up problem to the next unnecessary solution.

It tells us we need stuff then makes us feel superficial.

It warns us for things that mostly never happen, but makes us instantly forget it did that (unless it DOES happen, which is very opportunistically used as proof for this energy draining habit).

And we are the gullible victims, the lost ones.

The mind creates a shitty life full of FOMO and other mental traps, while promising a way out that is just there to neatly keep you in the loop.

The mind is never really satisfied: it’s simply incapable of such a thing.

But we keep listening to it anyway, because every time we get a glimpse of a life with less crippling mental noise, the same mind comes up with reasons why that is a really bad idea.

The mind as its own biggest fan.

But here’s the thing: never ever have I met a person who worried themselves into happiness.


There is a way out.

We don’t have or need to think all day long, caught up in what is not happening or what is no longer there.

We don’t have to spend most of our lives caught up in future scenarios or old smelly memories, yet we do.

And it fucks us up.

Now let’s end this post on a high note.

I don’t mind the mind.

It’s there, and it is pretty cool and practical, as long as you keep it on a leash.

There’s a big difference between living a life IN it (where we are victims of all this  mostly random mental activity) and living WITH it, where we learn to use it as an amazing tool.

This is what waking up is about.

It’s about poking holes in the screen that the thinking mind creates.

It’s about learning to trust your intuition over your intellect.

It’s about seeing your personal thinking (the non-stop commentary in your head) for what it is: a mental process that has a life of its own, but doesn’t confine you.

It’s about regaining power over your awareness.

And it all starts with seeing that we have been fooled.

This will ultimately unfuck us.

(Photo by @manunalys, for Unsplash)

Beautifully sad.

Beautifully sad.

Being A Real Man.

Being A Real Man.