The power of realization.

Jan 14, 2021 | Awakening, Coaching, English, Insights, Personal, Purpose and Meaning, Spirituality

In the coaching conversations I initially have, there’s one question that is universally asked:

‘What do I do?’
I tell people about being okay with not being okay, about the misunderstandings of the mind, about how we create the world we live in and then blame that world for making us feel bad, about how we are all capable of being mentally healthy, and inevitably, there it is again.
The question.
‘Yeah, right, cool, whatever. But what DO I DO?!!’
We are so used to thinking that there’s a method for everything and doing is the ONLY solution, that it can be very hard to understand that it doesn’t always work that way.
Sure, you can get better at cooking by cooking more, enhance your running by running (instead of sitting on the couch), and you can learn how to speak Spanish by speaking Spanish over and over again, but there’s a limit to the success of practicality.
Happiness and wellbeing and living in peace are not things you do.
They are not things you can understand intellectually and then simply install in your life.
They are the result of a fundamental realization.
They are the fruit of spontaneous insights, of wisdom that wells up from within and changes your consciousness forever.
No doings, but beings.
Of course there is a lot of power in doing stuff, but we should never underestimate what happens when you connect to a truth that is beyond the capacity and content of the brain.
The direct experience of happiness, friendship and beauty are not products of following specific steps (that’s why reading self-development blogs bursting with tips can feel good in the moment, but almost never get you anywhere).
They are the abstract perks of transcending our limited personal minds.
They are what happens when we stop trying so hard and start embracing what has always been there.
Our authentic, direct appreciation of life.
Truly feeling alive.
Now if you still feel like doing something (and I know you want to), I have good news.
Because what you CAN do to profoundly enhance the probability of being more at peace and in love with life, to enjoy a clear mind and unlimited creativity, to see through fucked up thinking and habits, is to have meaningful, deep, transformative conversations.
And that is what I do and deeply love.