What is there to write about?

As yesterday’s troubles fade away, we realize once more that we will never be truly frozen in time, in pain, in worry.
Nothing lasts (which is both liberating and frustrating).
As I finish telling my story of agony and insecurity, it has already changed profoundly.
There is ONLY change, always; we just keep denying it.
The Art of Life seems to be nothing more than a deep natural trust that resurfaces after many years of being in a loveless marriage with the intellect.
A reconnection that is surprisingly obvious and simple, yet richer than our mind could ever imagine.
(It’s just not a fan of simplicity.)
I’ve been reading and reflecting a lot, shedding buckets of old conceptual skin, free-floating in comfortable contentment.
There’s nothing spectacular about feeling connected to life, yet it easily washes away all my searching for meaning.
At the same time, EVERYTHING is spectacular about feeling close to life, from pebbles on the beach to the pebbles that make up the galaxies.
We are so small, but big enough to feel truly alive.
Feeling really good has always made me experience tremendous guilt and insecurity.
Do I really deserve this wonderful life?
Why does it take care of me so generously?
Should I suffer for and with other people, to show them I care?
Am I lovable?
All of the questions we can ask ourselves are of relative importance, but relative can be absolutely truthful and powerful.
All observations are nothing but temporary glimpses in and of consciousness.
Life is not about philosophies or spiritual agendas, and at the same time it very much is.
Because everything is here for us to chew on, marvel in, care about, or withdraw from.
Everything is here for us, and we are here for everything.
Being human is extremely, mind-blowingly special, like a favor from the gods, but it can easily take a lifetime to appreciate.
Waking up to the bigger picture is like being kissed and held by the universe.
We are human, and we are also all that has ever been and will ever be.
So what is there to write about?
(Photo by @jplenio, for Unsplash)