How to do nothing.

feb 6, 2021 | Awakening, English, Insights, Personal, Purpose and Meaning, Spirituality

‘Do nothing.’

It’s an idea that derives from various spiritual and religious philosophies.

And it absolutely fucks up the Western mind.

How do you do nothing?

Where do you start?

How much nothing do you do while doing nothing?

Well, it’s a fairly subtle thing.

It’s not about freezing in time, sitting on the couch like an immovable sack of meat, becoming completely motionless.

It’s not a passive thing.

‘Doing nothing’ in a spiritual sense comes down to trust and surrender.

It’s about deeply realizing that life by itself moves you, and it’s not your responsibility to take control and try to force the universe into submission.

You can’t, and you know it.

‘Doing nothing’ means learning to listen for what wants to happen through you, instead of just using the computing mind to make up plans that look rationally safe and important.

The intellect is a tool, not a guide.

It’s really good at processing bits of information, but it sucks at making fulfilling plans or appreciating connection and beauty.

It has no idea what it means to love.

‘Yeah but if you do nothing, nothing will happen!’, the intellect will say, very pleased with itself, once again proclaiming its made-up importance.

It’s just not true.

‘Doing nothing’ is a shift to a more intuitive way of life.

It’s about living from authentic inspiration, at ease, in flow.

And by doing so, you might just do and create and achieve more than you ever did before.

Or less, for a while.

It’s just completely different.

It’s very direct.

It’s effortless.

So maybe we should reframe it.

‘Do effortless.’

And everything will be done.

How does that sound?

(Photo by @bernardhermant, for Unsplash)

(Photo by @bernardhermant, for Unsplash)

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