The real power of words.

I love words.

They might be a simplified and conceptual way to find our way in the world we live in, but they can also penetrate our deepest depths and inject us with wisdom.
I love how words can come together and explode with meaning.
And I also love how that meaning can change and intensify, magically.
Many times, I’ve heard the exact same words in the exact same order, but in a completely different and more enlightening way.
The same words in the same order, with a fresh impact.
I find that really cool and mysterious.
It means that words are not just their literal meaning, and stories are not simply a strings of words, but there’s a dynamic, alchemical quality to all of that.
The sum is more than the parts, and the sum is also variable.
Words are not like math, with a reliable, predictable outcome.
The use of words is not simply formulaic and straightforward.
There are a lot of truths about life that were very meaningful to me when I heard them the first time, only to become even more deeply appreciated on second exploration.
Same thing, different experience.
And this seems to be completely random.
You don’t choose this moment of deeper clarity and impact.
Haven’t you ever had an amazing epiphany or insight while reading a specific post or watching a particular video, only to find that the person you recommended that jewel of wisdom to had a completely indifferent appreciation?
The words that just shook your whole being, do absolutely nothing for somebody else.
Isn’t that fascinating?
And of course this is not just about the things we read or hear: we also never really know the exact impact of our own words either.
We can have the most deliberately positive agenda around what we communicate, and be disliked or even hated for it just the same.
Words are not just what the dictionary says they are.
Words don’t just touch you because of their literal meaning: they touch you because of where you are in life right there and then.
In that way, words are extremely personal.
But there is more to it.
There is a randomness when it comes to the specific impact of words, but there is also something fairly reliable about the way they can be used.
The source of creation can add a secret sauce.
I have found that stories or messages can contain ánd deliver a specific intention, a general vibe, that is appreciated quite consistently by most people.
Like a subtle mental perfume.
There is no guarantee that people feel exactly what you want them to feel, but when you create from conscious intention, stuff gets deeper.
You touch hearts by writing from yours.
Do that, and words will never be the same.
(Photo by @patrickperkins, for Unsplash)



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