How to make a name for yourself.

feb 13, 2021 | Awakening, English, Entrepreneurship, Insights, Personal, Purpose and Meaning, Spirituality

How do you get noticed?

How do you get to a place where people want to hire you and work with you consistently?
It’s not just about being out there.
In a world where almost everybody is capable of being visible, hardly anybody truly is.
There is an overwhelming amount of information we can indulge in, there are innumerous cool people trying hard to stand out and give away time and energy and stuff, and our waning attention span doesn’t make it any better.
So how do you do it, how do you make a name for yourself as a solopreneur or specialist or freelance creator or other person that needs to be found and appreciated repeatedly in order to make a buck?
How do you make people remember you?
The discouraging (but truthful) answer is: by developing your unique art of doing things, and by never giving up on that.
It’s a long and arduous game, full of frustration and disappointment.
But you’ll have to.
Let’s take me for example.
I am 52, I was pretty successful for almost 30 years as a copywriter in advertising, I wrote 8 books, was on national TV a couple of times, have been interviewed on the radio and in newspapers and magazines and podcasts, wrote numerous blogs and made many inspirational videos, there are more than 30.000 followers following me on Twitter, I did a TEDx-talk, and I have coached over a thousand people.
There’s a reason I tell you this.
This list of public engagements/achievements is not a way to impress you, but to give you an idea of how privileged I am when it comes to publicity.
There have been SO many instances where I was able to present myself to a -fairly- large audience.
And yet: I have done all this shit (and I appreciate it very much), but there is still no guarantee whatsoever that my professional calendar is full.
It can take a REALLY LONG time to establish yourself as a household name, to become part of a firm word-of-mouth-system, and even then there’ll be moments where nobody seems to be interested in your services.
Now I don’t want to discourage you.
I believe it is still the only worthwhile way to go.
Because it’s not about creating an impressive looking CV, but about learning who you truly are and the power that comes with that experience.
It’s about coming to know your deepest self and firmly land there.
About shaping your unique and beautiful Art of Life.
Being all over the place doing different things, again and again and again, will help you find your drive, learn how to cultivate it, and comfortably use it.
Finding your own sweet, powerful voice, discovering your particular flavor of doing stuff, comes from exploring life and stumbling upon the heart and soul of your truest nature.
It’s not just the sum of all your endeavors and attempts and insights and lessons and experiences and diplomas, it’s not just your intellectual knowledge, but the resulting unwavering realization that you are here to create and serve and love and be in awe.
It’s about living a conscious existence.
Life really wants you in that place.
It is where you shine.
You would never be here right now if the universe didn’t desperately need you.
And the trick is to find out what for.
It took me quite a long time feeling comfortable being guided by life, but everything that I do from that place is fulfilling and authentic and effortless.
Doing what you are supposed to do from the deepest place within, in the exact way only you are capable of doing it, is what it’s all about.
And thát will get you noticed.
(Photo by @jessedo81, for Unsplash)