I love my job.
It’s not coaching.
It’s not writing.
It’s not posting videos or being in podcasts.
My job is to feel as good as I possibly can, and take that into the world.
It’s being the most powerful, inspiring expression of life.
It’s unapologetically radiating joy and possibilities and patience and peace.
It’s fully being what most people are deeply searching and longing for, so they can experience it directly and recognize it and see it waking up in them.
Feeling good and expressing that in everything I do is what I’m here for.
Feeling SO incredibly good that I am constantly overflowing, and the creatures I meet don’t know what hit them, but leave the conversation more alive and hopeful and energized just the same.
Life has made me a catalyst in a world of potential catalysts.
It’s my job to be happy.
I love my job.

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