Don’t waste who you are.

mrt 7, 2021 | Awakening, English, Insights, Personal, Purpose and Meaning, Spirituality

We are beyond awesome.

We can think things that don’t exist and be afraid of them.

We can think things that don’t exist and create them, and use them.

Or let them use us.

Our imagination is a mystery and a miracle, a minefield and a place of endless adventure.

We make up the world we live in, then blame our creations like they really exist out there.

We try to run away from shadows on a wall.

We doubt and we project, we struggle and sometimes we feel on top of the world.

We are so fucking awesome that we should celebrate our pain and our pleasure, our whites and our blacks, because we made them all up.

We make up life.

We constantly produce thinking that solidifies into a reality that will never allow us to feel truly safe, or seen, or stable.

But we try anyway.

All of this: it’s not real.

It’s not true.

But it can’t be overlooked nor dismissed.

It is not real and it is.

We will never understand the depth of what it means to be a human being.

We have been given the capacity to artfully create our deepest suffering, or to dream up the biggest dreams, and to go from the first to the second and back again.

We are truly amazing, and we believe everything we see and hear and experience, even if we realize that our world is personal and different from all the other worlds that are being created around us.

We are brilliant, and we are idiots, because we can feel lonely within wholeness, like we are somehow not part of the universe, the biggest of all things.

We are a made-up temporary form within the timeless wholeness of everything, and therefore we ARE everything.

We are built from everything and always.

Yet we call ourselves Marnix, or Joan, or Mitchell, or Sandra.

We are an essential creation within the universe as it is, here, right now, but bring it down to ‘mom’, ‘coach’, ‘old’, ‘depressed’, ‘atheist’ or ‘millionaire’.

We are SO special, that we can completely forget how special we are, and feel lost, and useless, and unimportant.

So here I am, the universe, sending you this message.

I am talking to you right now, reminding you, telling you.

You are awesome.


Don’t waste it.

Please don’t.



(Photo by @nasa, for Unsplash)

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