Just not doing it.

Don’t underestimate the things you don’t do.

They can be just as important as your actions.

Not getting into a fight.

Not interrupting a passionate sharing.

Not wanting to be right.

Not setting up a guilt-trap.

Not bringing up the stuff somebody forgot to do six months ago.

Not making another person responsible for your happiness.

Not flipping the finger in traffic.

Not sending the angry text.

Not getting carried away by your unconscious urge to feel dissatisfied.

Just not doing it.

The thing is: it doesn’t really feel that powerful, or honorable, or holy.

There’ll be no praise.

You don’t get credits for it, because nobody will notice what you didn’t do.

And yet they will.

They will.

Because they will somehow feel the space you allowed them.

They will know that you didn’t push them into something, didn’t blame them, criticized them.

It’s like offering a gentle vacuum of peace.


Do it more.


(Photo by @8moments, for Unsplash)




What is true?

What is true?