Offering the most precious gift.

What if the only thing you have to offer

is joy?

What if you don’t have to solve anything?
What if you can leave all questions unanswered (at least for now)?
What if being sincerely and unshakably you is all that is needed?
In a world where people are always looking for fixes and solutions and distractions, coming to rest is a rare commodity.
A few moments of non-thinking.
Just a tiny bit of peace.
The gentle purr of awareness.
When are we ever truly there?
So offering that to someone is the most precious gift.
And being that is the direct invitation.
It doesn’t sound spectacular to the mind.
It doesn’t look helpful to the anxious intellect.
It seems way too simple for the conflicted ego.
But if you can offer joy, it’s like offering a truce.
No need for anything
It changes worlds.
(Photo by @condorito1953, for Unsplash)

Wherever you go.

Wherever you go.