Jumping in the abyss.

When I say ‘I love the simplicity of life!’, there’s always the person who claims it’s not.

When I say ‘Life is very complicated’, someone definitely will point out to me that it’s actually untrue.

I get it.

We have words to talk about our experiences in the moment, but the words always fail to cover the richness of life.

It is simple AND complicated.

It is beautiful AND brutal.

Nobody is actually right, AND we live in realities that are very true somehow.

Sometimes we’re just a little bit more on the sweet side, sometimes we’re hanging out in the bitter.

I get it.

I do it.

Life can be all of this, and the moment we try to catch it and put it into a definition, we’re lost.

I know that what I see right now might be the opposite of your experience.

I know.

And I know that an hour from now, I might just be on your side again.

While you have shifted.

So we still disagree.

Nobody really knows, and I have lived far too deep in my own ass to claim otherwise.

Here, now, I feel like this.

I think like this.

Really very simple.

Until it’s not.

It’s jumping in the abyss.

And it is freedom.

Do you get it?

(Photo by @leio, for Unsplash)

Am I for real?

Am I for real?

The day I died.

The day I died.

Drop it.

Drop it.