Enjoying the story.

mrt 20, 2021 | Awakening, English, Insights, Personal, Purpose and Meaning, Spirituality

We have to drop the story.

The history.
The ‘This Is Me’ fairy tale.
Just for a couple of seconds.
And when that happens, with mercy, we find ourselves in a place that is storyless, wordless, even meaningless.
And yet it is the richest encounter we can ever have.
The turning point.
We don’t have to stay there (and we won’t: believe me!).
Because after having been storyless for just a bit, we can start to entertain a more expansive view of the same.
The story truly becomes a story.
Both less personal and more involving.
Less scary and more beautiful.
We are no longer of the world, but learn to live in the world.
Being free from the story will help us find a new appreciation for it.
We start to love it.
All of it.
We learn to deeply enjoy it and play in it, like a child in a shallow summer lake.
What is your story?
Isn’t is amazing?
Aren’t YOU?!
(Photo by @chrishcushl, for Unsplash)