Use your gift.

Writing is my divine gift.

By that I don’t mean that I am the world’s best author (LOL).
I mean that writing makes me feel good.
Really, really.
It makes me forget myself, and find my Self.
That’s the gift.
That’s the magic.
Because when you do something that makes you genuinely feel good, that makes you come alive, you become extremely powerful.
People need other people who know how to feel good, and express that.
We forget how to do it.
We learn how to be miserable and stick to that, because it’s what we know.
So when you use your unique gift(s), you allow people to find the entrance to their own wellbeing.
It’s a beautiful system.
That’s why we have brilliant artists, and athletes, and actors, and writers.
That’s why we have the kind of creativity that results in sharable goodies.
Little joyful energetic presents.
Everything that comes straight from source is truly inspirational.
We recognize it when we come across it.
We want it.
We need it.
So give it.
Use your gift.
Use your voice, your pen, your thoughts, your being.
Use your authentic power.
Change the world.
(Photo by @francesco_ungaro, for Unsplash)

Not guilty.

Not guilty.

Keep on moving.

Keep on moving.