We all do it.

Showing the world who we (think) we are, by presenting our successes, our failures (not so much), our preferences and opinions, our holidays, our work, our cars, our gardens, our pets, and many other parts of our lives.
Mostly curated, or moderated, or filtered, or all of the above.
Now is that a bad thing?
Should we be radically honest, raw, direct, with no holding back, sharing the horrors and doubts and ugly faces of our existence?
Should we be absolutely shameless?
Well, that’s completely up to you.
Because that is the incredibly cool thing about life: you can make up whatever it means, where it goes, and why you are part of that.
You can lie and cheat and steal and hide as much as you want, or you can stop giving a fuck about the perfectly polished you, and see what happens.
You can be a total asshole, or you can try and live like a saint.
It’s all good, because it’s all there for us to play with.
My choice is to be as wtwertqueiwrjlsdi as I can be, all the time.
Which means that I ONLY listen to what feels good, and authentic, and real, and simple, and then do that.
As far as I know, I am not like that to prove something, or to look like something (‘Check it out: I am so honest!’), but it has turned out to be the most natural thing to do.
It is very, very close to home, and home is good.
But of course you can decide for yourself.
And that is good too.

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