Words, for you.

What if words are not just words?

What if words are medicine?

What if words can heal?

What if words have the power to uplift, to inspire?

What if words are magical?

What if words can touch people and change their lives?

What if words can travel from heart to heart?

What if words are gifts, precious gifts?

What if we handle them with care, and grace?

What if we love our words and our ability to use them?

What if these words, from me to you, are here

Just to tell you everything will be okay, always?

Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Wouldn’t that heal you, lift you up, inspire you, and tickle your heart like fresh spring rain on a shivering pavement?

My words are here for you.

All of them.

For you.



(Photo by @clothandtwig, for Unsplash)

Space for that.

Space for that.

Moving on.

Moving on.