You can never go wrong.

‘Do you meditate?’

I get that question regularly.

SO many people are looking for the best or easiest or quickest or ultimate way to live a joyful, successful and all-round amazing life.

They want THE way, THE steps, THE mantra.

The thing is: sometimes I meditate, and sometimes I don’t.

Sometimes I work out really, really hard, and sometimes I am just shamelessly lazy.

Sometimes I have weeks without even the tiniest bite of shitty food, but sometimes I eat whatever I want, all the time.

Sometimes I read a lot, sometimes I just watch Netflix until my eyes bleed.

Sometimes I am utterly committed and obsessed with something, sometimes I sit on a park bench watching planes go by.

There’s no logic in there.

It’s not a method.

And it is all extremely useful in the moment.

It is my way.

The Whatever Seems To Be Appropriate Way.

The Let’s Just Give This A Shot Until I Hate It Way.

Fucking around, disguised as meaningful activity.

There is not ONE way to find a life that is more naturally driven by purpose, that is effortlessly fulfilling, that is more beautiful and surprising and revealing every day.

Except, maybe, for really, REALLY wanting to break free from the relentless disempowering stories of the mind, and staying ferociously curious.

Like most people on a self-discover journey (or self-development or self-help or un-selfing, whatever you want to call it), I’ve tried a myriad of things, and then some.

And like most people who slow down somewhere along the line because they finally, truly, directly realize that there’s a simpler way to stay grounded and conscious and almost free from worry, I’m just kinda growing into it.

That is the bad news.

The good news is that you literally can’t go wrong.

Once the first step is taken, the first spark is sparked, the rest will unfold.

With our without meditation.

You are on your way.



(Photo by @stephenleo1982, for Unsplash)


Never the same.

Never the same.

Just drift.

Just drift.