Being spiritually advanced.

apr 10, 2021 | Awakening, English, Insights, Personal, Purpose and Meaning, Spirituality

Spiritual snobbery.

It has been secretly with me for years.

I honestly felt like my experiences were more unique, more important than all the other ones.

I guess I just wanted to be different, more advanced.


I always had this idea of being ahead of the crowd, knowing more, and feeling it deeper than most mortal souls fucking around with meditation or yoga or other stuff that doesn’t really matter but just look spiritual.

I wanted to be the Enlightened One, oozing depth and empathy and other cherished traits that would make people envious of my status.

I wanted to be more, more advanced, more in tune, more free.


I mean: really.

It sounds so funny right now, and I’m not even embarrassed.

We do this.

We’ve learned to do this, to hang on to the persona, to make it more important, so we can feel safe within our specialness.

It’s a cool game, it’s a game of awe and humility and discovery, figuring out how we can live more and suffer less.

You get to see all this weird stuff play out, and play your part, and be insecure and arrogant and lost and overwhelmed and, hopefully, in deep appreciation.

I’ve had to learn SO many things about SO many things.

And the game just gets better and better and better.

And I feel so ridiculously good and just, well, here.

I am very much here.

Sometimes still caught in snobbery.

And more times just laughing about it.

So, sorry if I dismissed you, but it had to be done.

It had to be done so it could be acknowledged and released.

I am here.

With you.

How does that feel?



(Photo by @giorgiotrovato, for Unsplash)

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