Finding the Happiness Compass.

apr 20, 2021 | Awakening, English, Insights, Personal, Purpose and Meaning, Spirituality

I am a spiritual coach.

It’s true, and I love it, and I’ve learned to be really very open and direct about it.
Does that mean that I meditate, chant, visualize, eat mindfully, fast, go on retreats where I shut up for a week and smile all day long?
Well, sometimes (apart from the retreats: I like talking WAY too much. Oh and there’s no chanting either).
But not because I am a spiritual coach.
I fast because it makes me feel physically better, and it helps me lose weight.
I meditate (sometimes) because it keeps me grounded and focused.
I visualize now and again, because for me that’s just a version of daydreaming and I love going places in my mind.
I do these things because they make me feel good.
And feeling good is very spiritual.
Not because it’s better than feeling bad or it makes you better than other people, but because it’s how the universe tells you where you’re at in life.
Feeling good is like smelling your calling.
I’ve learned that joy and fulfillment and flow are not just joy and fulfillment and flow for the sake of it, but they are our most direct and radical guides.
I’ve seen many of my clients change deeply and profoundly while welcoming them more and more into their sometimes very burdened lives.
So: feeling good as a way of life.
I only do what I like, all day long, because it makes me significantly more powerful and effective and inspiring.
Sticking close to the good feelings makes everything much easier and way lighter.
When I do what I like, when I come from this magical place of uplifting, soothing and creative energy, I am really close to what or who I truly am, and the stuff I do from there has a way bigger impact.
The light just shines brighter, through me.
I have learned -after many, sometimes stupid experiments- to do what the Marnix-person is supposed to do on this planet, and I am doing it in spades.
Writing, coaching, smiling at random people, daydreaming.
Fasting, meditating (or not), listening to birds singing in a tree.
Feeling really good, for no particular reason.
Feeling good, indulging in it, trusting it, loving it.
So that’s really what I mean when I say I’m a spiritual coach: it’s all about helping people finding their truest flow and joy and fulfillment and confidence, so they can learn to effortlessly stick to those yummy feelings.
They are all there to show you where to go and what to do or to avoid, like a flawless personal compass for true, unconditional happiness.
And it’s very, very real.
I used to be rather vague about what I do as a coach, and how I approach life.
I was afraid people would be dismissive, negative, judging.
I thought I wouldn’t be able to express myself.
I was afraid to BE myself, the childishly happy one.
But that is all bullshit.
I am a spiritual coach.
It just means I get what you really, really want: to feel good.
And I know a lot about that.
A lot.

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