Change is supposed to be hard.

apr 23, 2021 | Addiction, Awakening, English, Insights, Personal, Purpose and Meaning, Spirituality, Typically Me

‘Yeah but that’s easier said than done.’

Don’t say it.
Just don’t.
Because it will fuck you up and make you feel lost and powerless.
And even it is true (for changing things can be absolutely challenging and painful and difficult and time-consuming), it is just not helpful.
It’s an observation, a conclusion that turns into an excuse that turns into passivity.
It’s quitting before even starting.
It’s like a giant sigh that flushes away all hope and potential.
It’s like giving up.
It’s paralyzing.
So don’t say it.
Get on with it.
CREATE the momentum.
One step at a time.
Because overcoming the discomfort and complexity are a big part of the win.
If it was easy, it wouldn’t feel so good in the end.
If it was easy, you wouldn’t look for solutions in places you’d normally avoid.
If it was easy, you’d never feel the victory of virtuosity.
It’s not supposed to be.
Change is fucking hard.
Learning essential, life-changing shit is fucking hard.
Mastering skills is fucking hard.
Unlearning crappy habits is fucking hard.
And that is what makes it so unforgettable, and rich.
Not easy?
(Photo by @griestprojects, for Unsplash)

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