We are held back by ghosts.

Whenever we start imagining new ways, new careers, or even new lives, we are stopped by imaginary roadblocks.
We hit the brakes before we even give it a try.
It is all just too scary, too big, too unpredictable, too unsafe.
It feels SO bad, that we simply stop considering the pursuit.
But what is really holding us back is never what we think is holding us back.
It’s the ideas.
It’s JUST the ideas.
It’s the pain of our vivid fantasy that paralyzes us.
The colorful stories about the discomfort and confusion and loneliness and all the hard work it takes.
We are held back by thoughts.
That’s all.
And that is a very hopeful notion.
Because the only reason why thoughts can make us do or not do things, is because we believe them.
We grant them the power to fuck with us.
That’s all.
Thoughts are not creepy entities, lurking in the dark, with fangs and claws and poisonous tails.
Thoughts are mental suggestions.
Random fabrications.
Things to either consider, or simply dismiss.
That’s all.
(Photo by @tandemxvisuals, for Unsplash)

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