Overcoming the mind.

apr 27, 2021 | Awakening, English, Insights, Personal, Purpose and Meaning, Spirituality

Spirituality is a paradox-infested jungle.

For every left there is a suitable right.
Every black has a matching white.
And they are all true to a certain extent.
They need each other.
They complete each other.
There’s balance in the things that are oppositional.
It’s really very simple, very powerful.
But the intellectual mind doesn’t think so.
It doesn’t like being at peace with contradictions.
It wants to pick a side and stick to it.
It feels uncomfortable when it’s about the sum, not the parts.
Still: everything is not lost.
The mind CAN succumb to the heart or the soul.
It can learn to be okay with the things it can’t grasp.
It can even assist in getting close to the end of its painful, suffocating dominance.
The mind can help to overcome the mind, or at least come close enough to facilitate transcendence.
Isn’t that amazing?
The thing that ultimately makes us suffer, can be used to become free from it.
Not by conquering the psyche or beating it into submission, but by weakening our relationship with it just enough to see through it and connect to the endless space around it.
It can bring us to the edge of insanity, so we can fall into what’s real.
A direct experience of who we ultimately are.
Totally blows my mind.
(Photo by @jcosens, for Unsplash)