I can’t explain.

I can’t explain why.
I can’t explain why life feels so deliciously simple.
I can’t explain why life feels so deliciously simple, so ridiculously fresh, and why I didn’t notice it before (at least not like this, not exactly).
I can’t explain what changed, what I feel, how it feels, and why it feels that way.
I can’t.
But I’ll try anyway.
I’ll try.
Because maybe (and I’m actually quite positive about that) somewhere along the line, hidden in the flow of my words, sparked by the tone of my voice, evoked by my energy or the way I look at you, you’ll wake up and see.
And feel.
For yourself.
How deliciously simple life can be.
Even if you can’t explain.
You’ll just know.
(Photo by @juleskwak, for Unsplash)

Home is here.

Home is here.

All is one.

All is one.