Real is not true.

You might think that
the rain causes your bad mood
the traffic jam frustrates you
your mother in law gets you all riled up
the dog makes you scared
your job causes stress
the birthday gets you excited
your age creates anxiety
alcoholism makes you drink
or the big red shiny sports car makes you happy.
Because that’s how it looks and feels and your friends agree (mostly).
It’s a real experience.
For sure.
But real is not true.
True is always and universal and without exception, while real is very personal and temporary.
Real is how you feel right now about the rain, a traffic jam, the dog, your age or standing in an elevator.
It’s a direct experience.
Of your thoughts.
Real is the story that comes to life within you.
So, yeah, real is very real.
It feels real.
But it’s not true.
And the only thing that is truly true
is You.
The You that experiences the ever changing realness.
The never changing You.
The real You.
(Photo by @kevinchinchillam, for Unsplash)

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