Learning Super Powers.

In a way it might be regarded as pretty saintly, but for most people it’s awfully boring:


Humility, and patience.

Humility, and patience, and self-control, and things like ‘delayed rewards’.


Who wants that shit?

It’s all so time-consuming.

Lots of doing nothing.

Lots of waiting.

Not getting anywhere.

No distraction.


But that is EXACTLY why it can be so beneficial to explore and master.

Humility and patience and self-control and all these things where we don’t immediately freak out and do stupid stuff because our heads almost explode, can be absolute super powers.

Being able to wait, to rethink, to let shitty impulses float along, to not be bossed around by our endlessly demanding egos, can open up whole new worlds.

That is pure freedom.

Because SO much of our time is squandered by reactivity, habitual frustration, getting lost in the swamps of self-righteousness and endless anger sessions (and then having to fix all the damage), and if we learn to just be with stuff that makes us nervous and fearful and angry, we can get past it.

Which is pretty awesome.

Learning to get along with boredom (a word for ‘direct exposure to the bouncing crap in our minds’) and even to detach from it, will give you a fresh perspective on almost every situation.

It will give you the space to be a person with choices.

A person with peace of mind.

A person with composure.

Now THERE’S a fucking sexy attribute!