Getting lost in what doesn’t exist.

There’s an endless amount of things we can wake up to.

Ideas, misconceptions, truths, habits, relationships, views, opinions, tastes, psychological constructs, and the list goes on and on and on.

Everything that at one time seems really important or irrefutable or undeniable, can easily melt away in the impersonal warmth of consciousness.

And it happens all the time.

For many years I did what most people do when they feel like shit and they hate it: they either try to run away from the mess, or aspire to clean it up.

And although they both don’t really do anything, fundamentally, they also do (yeah, it’s going to be one of those posts…).

Most important, though: it’s just SO MUCH FUCKING WORK.

Running away (or hiding deep inside addictive behaviors and habits) is exhausting, and wherever you go, you’ll ultimately have to face or deal with the things you want to get rid of anyway.

Because ALL the shit is created within your personal awareness, you’ll take it wherever you go.

Trying to hide is not a real solution: it’s symptom relief at best (which can be helpful, by the way).

The most universally known alternative for hiding and running away is confrontation, where you try to solve everything by understanding it and chewing on it and changing your thinking about it or letting go of it or getting to grips with it or making peace with it, and it can feel like it’s all really powerful and healing, but there’s also no end to it.

New shit is created all the time, because that’s a huge part of this game.

But there IS a shortcut.


Although I never stated that so clearly prior to this moment (probably because I ‘worked through an amazing amount of shit’ myself and it makes for a very compelling story and it’s quite simple to believe that it was all important and necessary because it WAS part of my experience), there’s a direct solution for every bit of nagging crap you’re carrying around with you.

It’s changing your metaphysical position in the experience.

A tiny, tiny shift that catapults you into an unimaginable freedom.

It’s the difference between being 100% caught up in it, and taking part in it.

It’s unexplainable and elusive, but it’s very real and liberating just the same.

Now I know this probably sounds too simple, even disrespectful.

I know you probably think we need all the pain and resistance and agonizing experiences to get to the place of effortless peace we’re all longing for.

I know that you love your methods, your breathwork, your steps, your meditation, your therapy, your Principles, your letting go, your EMDR, your ice baths and your personal waking up routine.

I know.

But you don’t need it.

Not really.

AND we obviously do.

That too.

(I warned you this was going to be one of these posts…)

These extreme opposites can co-exist easily, and they do.

Within the human dream there’s problem solving and ‘working through your anger issues’ and connecting to your inner child and going back to where it all started in order to fix it and all these other things.

It’s all there.

And it’s also not.

There’s no need for all of that confusion, but there’s also the complete freedom to engage in it and believe it just the same.

I know you’ve come across this paradox before, and I totally understand that it might be really frustrating and impossible.

I am not trying to come across as a pedantic, all-knowing guru.

This is all totally impersonal.

It’s just that…

Seeing how simple it is doesn’t makes sense until it does.

Life is really just one amazing thing, but it is also countless things.

The shortcut is realizing both at the same time.

It’s dropping out of the story so you can start to embrace and appreciate it again.


In awe.

And you’ll know when you know.

(Photo by @sergio_capuzzimati, for Unsplash)

More real.

More real.

Words, for you.

Words, for you.