The only Like that really counts.

It’s really cool if people like your writing.

It’s even cooler if you dig the process of creation itself.

We are all conditioned to crave some sort of social appreciation, and that’s totally fine, but it feels so much better if it’s not your first priority anymore.

I wrote about creation and writing before, and lately I have found myself in a place where I’m shedding old habits and cravings and conditions.

Not for the sake of not giving a shit and showing that ostentatiously (which, in a way, still chains you to the outside world), but to simply open up more of what is truly possible.

The limitless stuff.

The real and raw potential.

The thing is: I know exactly what you like.

I really have a ton of experience with and knowledge of the things that touch and move you.

I could write posts that score all day long and while I have nothing against that at all, it has lost its crippling importance.

It is my deepest wish to write more and more autonomously, unfiltered and real, and losing interest in likes is a major win in that respect.

There’s simply no amount of outside validation that trumps the feeling of being in a state of flow, of watching your fingers on the keyboard doing whatever it is they are inspired to do, unbound by any outcome.

I believe there’s a lot to gain from letting go of (pretended) certainty and security.

I deeply appreciate my sharp writing radar, my experience in what works and what works not, but transcending that feels even better.

Not to prove anything, not because it looks brave or less mainstream or whatever, but because there seem to be a huge amount of freedom waiting for me behind the obvious and proven.

The freedom that will provide me with all the energy and inspiration to write things that can be easily picked up and appreciated by many, but to also conceive less predictable and obvious creations.

The goal (or perceived journey) is not about disliking likes, but to get closer to the only like that really matters in the end: the feeling of being utterly in service of life.

Finding the thing where you can let go of the need to impress or score points and pursue true surrender, is one of the biggest gifts we can receive.

You totally deserve that experience.

(Photo by @disguise_truth, for Unsplash)

Coming home.

Coming home.