Do whatever you want.

You don’t have to defend yourself.


You don’t have to prove that your choices are right.

You don’t have to build a case for your opinions.

You don’t have to sell it, push it, preach it.

And you don’t have to convince me.

Eat whatever you fancy.

Play the music you like, or enjoy the silence.

Take the vaccine or don’t.

Believe in God or dismiss her.

Meditate, or masturbate, or do it all at the same time.

Vote or don’t vote, curse or censor your words, dance or just sit in a chair.

Breathe fast or slow or deep or shallow, laugh or cry, be a vegan or eat meat.

Quit social media or don’t.

Do whatever you want.

Just do it.

Do whatever the fuck feels good, really intrinsically essentially soulfully good.

It’s up to you, it really is.

It’s up to you and her and him and them.

Just do it, because you want to.

You don’t agree?

That is cool.

Because I am not going to defend myself.

I am not going to sell it.

I don’t have to.

And you don’t either.

Have an awesome day.

Or don’t.

(Photo by @foodism360, for Unsplash)

Moving on.

Moving on.