Just drift.

Where are you going?

And why?

Getting from here to there, from this place to that goal, has become more important than whatever we see along the way.

We collect and hoard and stash and think it will keep us safe.

We buy things and hope they will give us some value.

But does it?

When you get quiet and go inside you’ll find everything you’ve ever wanted.

Yes, that’s a cliche, but it’s still true (like most cliches).

And you know it is.

You’ve desperately longed for stuff that didn’t really mean anything when you finally got it.

You’ve been worried sick about circumstances that dissolved on their own.

You are the one who feels tired and disappointed and stressed out because you believe you’re not good enough.

But you are, and you have always been.

You’re not the mind, this crazy collection of random ideas, this mental whirlwind that doesn’t seem to shut up.



Don’t go anywhere, don’t expect anything.

Just drift.

Slow learning.

Slow learning.



Not just a brain.

Not just a brain.